History is the study of past & coming events. For these competitive exams, the queries are going to be from these model question papers one, and 2,3. These queries got by SAIS ACADEMY they’re free from price to create use of those notes to clear the examination. 

History may be a vital topic for all competitive exams. 
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Stone Age
 Stone tools and weapons were employed by humans in the past. to start out with, humans weren’t tuned in to any weapons or metals. They took many years to create them. 
  • Our lives nowadays are unit their gifts. during this amount, humans weren’t tuned in to scripts. The {stone age|Stone Age|time amount| period |period} is the period within which Stones were used as weapons. 
  • Nature of Human Evolution Early humans lived in jungles together with animals. They used the stone tools to safeguard themselves, drive off animals, dig out roots, shoots, etc. the foremost vital issue is that the Greek deity everything raw as well as flesh. 
  • They failed to understand the utilization of the fireplace within the starting. At first, the dog was their smart companion. Wild animals ran away once dogs barked. Humans tamed dogs as their pets initially. They took it where they went.
  •  Later they started rearing bovines as they failed to hurt them and were terribly helpful to them. They ascertained some grains growing on the riverside. The Greek deity them and located it terribly tasty. They ascertained that the scattered grains were solely eaten by birds. 
  • They were keen observers. Early man found that grains grow with the assistance of sunshine and precipitation. Thus, they learned the art of cultivation. Humans detected fire. At first, they were fearful of the hearth. They found some animals died because of the hearth. 
  • The Greek deity is the flesh of the burnt animals. It tasted smart. 
  • They conjointly ascertained that the spark came out by scratching 2 stones along. Since then, the Greek deity has had well-done food.

Stone wheels

  • Stone wheels once the stones rolled down the mountains they nonheritable form. Humans ascertained them and so the wheel was fancied. In the starting, it absolutely was made from stone and later from wood. This was the primary scienti c invention. 
  • Pottery was conjointly one of the best inventions by humans. 
  • The baked pot was robust and looked lovely. period individuals created all the menage artifacts (articles created by humans) by themselves. 
  • Stone homes were designed. The roofs of those homes were thatched with sticks and husks. once these many inventions were created, humans started living an exceedingly settled life. the amount that has written documents is termed a period. 
  • These documents facilitate North American nations to grasp the lifestyles of the individuals, events, food habits, culture, art, design, literature, etc., 
  • Agriculture was a crucial activity in the history of humans. 
  • They started cultivating crops. They sowed seeds and harvested crops. 
  • They found it convenient to measure the stream as crops grew well close to the stream. Burial pots known as urns are excavated within which the dead bodies were placed and buried underneath the bottom. twenty lakhs years agone a person walked straight. 
  • Around three lakhs years agone, he unfolds everywhere in the world. He cultivated around 8000 years agone.
  • Then civilizations started around three hundred years agone.
  • The Iron Age
  • After this, humans found iron and commenced the victimization of iron tools and weapons. This age was referred to as the Iron Age. during this age house articles, agricultural tools, etc. were fabricated from iron. Metals were alloyed and tools were created. 
  • You can organize– coins, potsherds, metal objects, etc. Most of those objects area unit mammary glands out from the bottom. Such objects are unit preserved within the repository. 
  • In Tamilnadu, Athichanallur, Arikkamedu, and Keeladi area units the sites wherever the objects utilized by the folks of the past area unit excavated. Still, the analysis goes on on these sites.
  • Early humans didn’t apprehend to grow crops.
  •  They wandered all told the landscapes in search of food. They Ate no matter what they got and drank water from natural sources. 
  • This kind of life was referred to as wandering life. 
  • They wore leaves, skins of animals, and barks of trees to hide their body. They lived in caves and holes in huge trees.
  • Stones were sharpened as tools by them. 
  • They created it with the assistance of alternative stones. These sharp instruments helped to hunt animals and tear the flesh of animals. 
  • They utilized bones, horns, stones, skin, branches of trees, and sticks as their instruments and weapons. This stage of development in history was referred to as the New period or the Neolithic Age.


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